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Xbox is a popular video gaming package, introduced by Microsoft. The multiple exciting features offered by Xbox has made it the preferred choice for gamers across the globe. It is basically a gamut of video game consoles which include the three released consoles that are sixth, seventh and eighth generations. Xbox One is the eighth generation video game console, first launched in the year 2013. It offers amazing features and high-quality audio and video that can beat other game console features. After continuous usage, it is quite possible to face certain errors. One of the most common error that users are often encountering is that the Xbox One controller keeps turning off. Various factors are responsible for this error to occur. Therefore, it is essential to identify the cause and then troubleshoot it with appropriate steps.

Easy Tricks To Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

If you are a new Xbox One user, it is not possible for you to resolve the problem on your own. However, here are a few simple and easy methods that will guide you in the right way to fix Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting error.

Move your controller closer to the console:

In case you are using a wireless controller, then often your Xbox One might lose its connection. In this scenario, the best option is to place the controller closer to the console and check whether the connecting problem is persisting or not. Additionally, also ensure that the controller is facing the front of the console.

Replace the batteries or recharge the battery pack:

Weak batteries are also a reason why the Xbox controller keeps disconnecting. Therefore, it is necessary to check the battery indicator so that you can keep a track of whether your device has enough power or not. It the issue persists, replacing the batteries and recharging the battery pack is always the best decision.

Power cycle the console:

A power cycle can help to restart your Xbox One console successfully. This process is also beneficial for fixing the console and controller issues as well. Therefore, follow these easy steps to power cycle your console:

  1. Press the Xbox button that is located in the front side of your Xbox One console for about 10 seconds. Soon, the console will turn off.
  2. Now, to turn the console on, tap the Xbox button again.
  3. Lastly, check whether the connection problem is resolved or not.

Reconnect your controller:

Reconnecting your controller is another effective method to fix this issue. This process helps to rebuild the connection and restricts the Xbox One controller from getting disconnected frequently. In case of a wired controller, you have to disconnect the cable and then plug it back again. If the issue still remains the same, use another cable or USB port.

In case of a wireless controller, try the steps given below to reconnect the controller:

  1. On the controller, hold down the wireless connect button until the Xbox button on your controller flashes.
  2. Now, tap the wireless connect button again on the controller when the Xbox button stays on.
  3. Lastly, try using your controller to check if the issue is persisting or not.

Update your controller firmware:

An incorrect or outdated controller firmware is often the reason why Xbox controller keeps disconnecting frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether your controller firmware is updated or not. In case the controller is not functioning at all, you have to use another controller to complete the update process.

Try the steps to update your controller firmware:

  • In between your controller and your console, connect a USB cable
  • On your Xbox One console, sign in to Xbox Live
  • Now, on your controller, hit the menu option
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Devices & accessories option
  • Select the problematic controller
  • Click on the Update option
  • Select Continue
  • If the system prompts “No updates needed“, then your controller is already up-to-date.  Otherwise, wait until the update process completes.
  • Lastly, check your controller to see whether the issue is persisting or not.

After trying the above-mentioned methods, if the issue does not get resolved, the best option is to go for another controller. Therefore, try the other controller and check whether the disconnection issue is resolved or not. If you see that the new controller is working correctly, then immediately replace the first controller. But in case, both the controllers are not working correctly, then these controllers needed to be serviced immediately.

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