Troubleshooting Guide For Keyboard Not Working On Windows 10

You cannot work without the keyboard, and once it starts malfunctioning, you are in big trouble. So if you are encountering this issue regarding keyboard not working on Windows 10, you can follow this article and fix it in no time. Keyboard issues are frequent among the Windows 10 users, so there is nothing to worry about it.

Solutions To Fix Keyboard Problems In Windows 10

If you are receiving this error frequently, then never worry as proper troubleshooting can solve this kind of issues in no time. In this context, we discuss all the solutions that you need to apply to fix this problem in Windows 10.

Method 1: Get The Latest Keypad Drivers

Keyboard issues preferably occur due to its trackpad drivers. So if you are facing any kind of difficulties with your keyboard, the best and the foremost solution is to update it to it’s latest version. You can use the CD or the DVD that you got while buying the device. Update your machine with the same disc and resolve the issue easily.

First, you need to open the virtual keyboard or use a USB keyboard by attaching it with your machine. Then follow the on-screen instructions and fix this error. There are a couple of other ways too. You can install the drivers either in an automatic way or manually.

Downloading the drivers manually is not a good idea because not only it’s an uphill task but also it’s quite risky. Downloading wrong drivers or any other malicious driver obfuscating itself as the genuine one can harm your desktop. So it is better for you to leave it on the Operating System to decide which driver to download and install from the internet.

Open the Device Manager dialog box and search for the driver. Next, go to the particular trackpad driver in your machine and right-click on the same. Select the option Update Driver and choose the automatic download option.

Method 2: Power Off Filter Keys

The usage of the filter keys are to prevent repeated keystrokes from the users, and this can also result in the keyboard issues. Many users have been found to report that as this feature generally gets turned on by default and leads to this error.

However, if you are one of the victims, you can turn the filter keys off by using these simple steps:

  • First of all, go to the Control Panel and then initiate Ease of Access Center.
  • Search for the option Make the keyboard easier to use and select it.
  • In the same way, under the tab Make the keyboard easier to use, you need to find the Filter Keys. Verify that the Turn on Filter Keys check box is unchecked.
  • In the end, click Apply and then the OK button to save the changes.

If you are still not able to solve the issue, never worry and continue following the other methods to address the issue.

Method 3: Using Shortcut Keys

Nevertheless pressing the Windows key along with the space bar simultaneously can help you get rid of the issue. According to many people the keyboard not working on Windows 10 problem solely depends on those two keys.

However, in the case of laptops, you can fix it in another way too. Search your keypad for a lock icon with fn symbols. Usually, it is the Esc key, but it can vary with your system.

Now, you can solve your laptop keyboard not working on Windows 10 by pressing the same key the Shift key altogether. This should make your laptop start functioning as usual again.

Method 4: Upgrade The System With Newest Version

Many bugs and technical glitches are present in Windows 10 Operating System. But Microsoft is addressing those issues from time to time by releasing the patches. This problem can be fixed instantly by updating your Operating System.

Also, make sure that you are maintaining your system with the latest updates or patches. Also, keep all the drivers in the desktop up-to-date. This is one of the best solutions for you to overcome the issue. Yet if you are encountering this problem, then you can try the other steps.

Method 5: Using USB Keyboard

Though this is not a solution that can help you to eliminate your error permanently, apparently this a temporary answer to such. Consider using a USB keyboard and use it unless you are able to get rid of your problem entirely.

So follow these procedures and fix your keyboard issues in Windows 10 and get a better performance of your device.

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