Full Guide On Netgear Genie Login

Netgear provides their users with the feature of accessing the router from the palms of your hand. By using the Netgear Genie, you can remotely access your router without any hassle. You can find the app from the Play Store and download the same for free. After that, you need to log in to it and connect to your router. If you are encountering any issues with Netgear Genie login, then you can check out this article and get an appropriate stepwise detail regarding this.

What To Do Before Netgear Genie Login?

If you want to configure your router settings remotely from your smartphone, then you need to log in to the Genie app. However, there are a few requirements that you need to meet for Netgear Genie default login. The prerequisites are provided below:

  • A wireless computer.
  • Any internet or web browser must be present on your device.
  • The newest version of the Netgear Desktop Genie.

Easy Procedures To Complete Netgear Genie Login

Several Genie users have complained that they can not access their Netgear routers through the particular app. This is probably because the process to complete such task is tough and is not appropriately followed by many. The steps for Netgear Genie login are discussed below:

Step 1: Download Genie

First, you need to download the Genie application. We recommend you to download this app from a genuine source because downloading it from third-party sources can be very dangerous.

Then, install the Netgear Genie app in your local system and in the remote device. Remember to use the local computer at first to register your router to the remote Genie account. Then, you can use the remote system to access the router remotely.

Step 2: Open Netgear Genie App

Next, you need to open the Netgear Desktop Genie app on the local machine.

Step 3: Configure The Router Settings

Tap on the Router Settings tab and then choose the Remote access against the option Login as.

Step 4: Sign Up

Now, select the Sign-up button to create a new Remote Genie account. Fill the registration form and click on Create. After you have generated a remote Genie account, press OK.

Step 5: Confirm

Confirm your account by opening the verification email sent by the Netgear team. Tap on the Confirm Email to verify your email account.

Step 6: Sign In

After verifying your email, go back to the Genie app on your remote device and then sign in using the Genie account. Now, you need to register the device. For doing so, you have to click on the OK button. Then, select the Register button. In the end, log out from the page.

Using your smartphone or laptop, open the Genie software. Select the Router Settings option and log in to the Genie account. After you have logged in to the account, a Cloud symbol appears. This means that the router is being managed remotely. After you have configured the router, log out and exit from the remote access. Also, make sure not to check the Remember me checkbox. This is essential for maintaining the security and privacy of your network.

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