Cancel Avast Subscription Instantly At Your Convenience

Avast is a popular antivirus software which helps to protect your data from virus or malicious programs. When the subscription period for your Avast antivirus is about to end, you get a message to renew the subscription. Avast keeps sending you the message until you renew your subscription. You may not want to renew the subscription if you are thinking of installing another antivirus on your PC. Otherwise, one antivirus may conflict with the other one. Therefore, it becomes necessary to discontinue the use of this antivirus, in spite of it being a daily requirement.

Why Do You Need To Cancel Avast Subscription?

It may become essential to stop the auto-renewal of this subscription for the following reasons:

  • Avast often creates problems with other applications installed on your system.
  • Being an antivirus tool that demands quite a bit of storage space, it may tend to slow down your PC.
  • You may face several issues if Avast is incompatible with the Windows Operating System of your computer.
  • Sometimes, Avast may not notify you to renew the subscription. Instead, it may automatically renew your subscription without consent. Therefore, you may want to prevent such a circumstance by disabling the auto-renewal.

These are some of the reasons which may prompt you to cancel the subscription of your security software.

How To Cancel Avast Subscription?

Follow and correctly apply the methods given below to cancel your Avast subscription:

Disable automatic renewal of Avast subscription via Avast Customer Portal

  1. Open your browser, use the required link to visit Avast customer portal.
  2. Enter your order ID and password to find your order.
  3. The ‘Order Details’ page opens where you need to select ‘Avast Subscription.’
  4. Turn off ‘Automatic Renewals’ on the subscription details page.

You will get a confirmation message for the cancellation of the auto-renewal of Avast subscription. If you do not get that message, then the subscription has not been canceled yet. So, try out the next method.

Disable automatic subscription renewal via your Avast account

You can cancel Avast subscription via your Avast account by using the following steps:

  1. Use your User ID and password to log into your Avast account.
  2. Go to your licenses and cancel auto renewal.
  3. Click ‘Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription’ to cancel your subscription when the current subscription ends.

If your request for canceling the subscription is processed, then you will no longer find the option to cancel auto-renewal. Note that if you have more than one Avast subscription, then you need to cancel each of them separately.

In case you do not remember your username, password or Order ID for your Avast product, then look for them in the confirmation mail sent by Avast during the time of purchase.

The solutions given in this article are some of the easiest ways by which you can get your work done. So, hopefully, this will help to serve your purpose effectively.

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