Learn How To Record Video On Mac With Some Brilliant Hacks

Mac is one of the most innovative creations made by Apple Inc. and it has become quite popular for its user-friendly features. But have you ever tried to record a video or an important event using your Macbook or iMac? Suppose you’re watching a video on your Macbook that you want to record as well and save it for later but you’re unable to do so. Then, you just need to know the proper way of how to record video on Mac. In this article, you’ll find some of the basic measures that you can use to record a video on your Mac without much hassle.

How To Record Video On Mac? Stepwise Solutions

There are various ways that one can use to record video on their Macbook or Mac Pro. Many third-party applications are available over the web that one can use for recording purposes. But in this article, we have mainly focused on using the built-in software for recording a video on Mac. One can find these tools almost on all Macs and a built-in camera is present in about every Mac computer.

So, let’s move on to learn how to record video on Mac using the Quick Time application. Follow the steps given below thoroughly to complete the recording process:

Step 1: Launch Quick Time

To start recording, open Quick Time that comes in your Mac device by default. You can find it from the dock or check the Applications in the Finder. Otherwise, press ‘F4’ on your keyboard to open the LaunchPad and locate Quick Time.

Another way you can try is by pressing CMD+SPACE BAR to open the Spotlight and type Quick Time.

Now, select File from the menu bar on top and then click on New Screen Recording from the options. You can even right click on the Quick Time icon in the Dock and then choose the New Screen Recording option from the list.

Step 2: Select Recording Options

After clicking on the New Screen Recording option, a Screen Recording box will appear on your screen. To view more options, you can click on the white drop-down arrow. There, you’ll get two options, i.e., the built-in microphone and the external microphone that you want to use. There are also some other options that you can use like turning off the mouse click visibility etc.

Step 3: Voice-over Recording

While recording your video, click on the small triangle located by the side of the record button in the recording window to record a voiceover. By enabling this option, you can select the source of your audio. Such as, you can choose between an inbuilt microphone or an external one. But remember that you can’t record audio on your screen during this process.

Step 4: Partial Or Full-Screen Recording

You also have the liberty to record a certain part of the screen or else, you can record the whole video. Click on the red Record button to record a certain portion of the screen. A prompt will appear that will ask you to drag to record part of your screen. You just need to drag a box over the area you want to record. After the area is selected, you can click on the Record button again.

For recording the whole screen, first, you have to tap on the red Record button. After that, click anywhere on the screen to start recording. As there is nothing about dragging a portion, the whole screen will be recorded automatically.

Step 5: Stop The Process

When the recording is complete, just right-click on the Quick Time icon from the Dock. Then, click on Stop Recording from the menu. In this way, you will be able to stop recording video on your Mac.

Step 6: Save The Recorded Video

When you’ve stopped the recording, a message will prompt on your screen about saving the recording. After saving the video, now, you can use it in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Also, you can share it on YouTube.

Generally, the default video format of Quick Time is ‘.mov’ but you can convert it into other formats that you want. As the .mov file format is very compatible, it is easy to upload it on any social media site. Also, even without converting the format, one can view the video by any Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android device. The quality of the video might vary because Quick Time compresses the video by default.

Hopefully after reading this article, now you won’t be having any trouble while recording any video on Mac. Just go through the above procedures carefully to record the video using Macbook, MacPro or even iMac.

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